Why You Need A 2.2 Litre Water Bottle (Or Bigger!)

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If you’ve ever visited a public gym, it is highly likely that you’ve come across someone gulping down on one of these mammoth 2.2 litre water bottles.


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Personally, I think they’re awesome. After the first time seeing one, I made it a point to lookup what it was and where to get it.

And perhaps that’s why you’re here, to gather some info or to purchase one for yourself.

So, let’s get into why I think you should get a bottle, too…


The Quantity – 2.2 Litres


According to my favourite relish with a doctorate, The Mayo Clinic, 2.2 litres is precisely how much liquid the average female should consume. While being the perfect amount for the fairer gender, it also takes a hefty chunk out of the 3 litres recommended for males.

Notice I said liquid not just water.

The recommended intake also includes daily staples like; tea, sports drinks, juices, Brawndo etc. But, we both know that it’s better to fill up on water more than sodas and sugary drinks. No matter how much they’ve got what we crave.

My old mate Mayo also recommends adding a minimum of 400ml to your daily liquid intake for those that engage in physical activity (i.e: gym). Couple that with the extra water needed when you’re taking creatine and your intake could easily climb enough to need 2 of these bad boys filled per day.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather only re-fill one bottle once, than to re-fill a smaller bottle several more times.


The Appearance – Looks Like a Water Cooler Bottle…


…and that’s awesome. What else needs to be said?

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